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Our Executive Mastermind groups offer leaders of diverse organizations the opportunity to connect with a peer group from across Canada and the United States in biweekly virtual sessions. Participants have also learned from special guest speakers, including Alan Mulally and Arianna Huffington.
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Learn valuable lessons from fellow leaders across industries.


Meet fellow participants and distinguished guest speakers.


Share learnings, questions, and more with an expert audience.

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Apply actionable insights to help your organization grow.

Make connections

Groups are comprised of 6-12 North American leaders, with special guest speakers routinely invited.
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Ask questions

Leaders often feel they cannot seek advice within their organizations. Here, they can speak their minds openly.
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Lead well

Listening to accomplished peers and sharing your insights is a powerful cycle to develop yourself as a leader.
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“Craig is a master collaborator and insightful leader. Craig took it upon himself to assemble Canadian CEOs at the height of the pandemic in a CEO Mastermind group. The effort that started as a way for CEOs to share and learn from how they were each navigating the pandemic has developed into a valuable community of Canadian leaders. Craig facilitates the Mastermind group to maximize learning, sharing and impact, making both space for important conversations and introducing the cohort of CEOs to global thought leadership. Being part of the CEO Mastermind group is both a privilege and is time that I protect and look forward to.”
Chair of the Board, MindBridge AI, Order of Canada Recipient


"It has been extremely valuable to take part in the exceptional CEO Mastermind Forum organized by Craig Dowden. Having the opportunity to benefit from the insights, expertise, and enthusiasm of the top business leaders in Canada has truly been a transformative experience. Craig also does an outstanding job of bringing in world-class speakers to the group for private, in-camera sessions, which provides a unique opportunity to learn from these incredible thought leaders."
ceo, franklin templeton canada


“Being a part of Craig's CEO Mastermind group has been a shining and guiding light during this past year. The quality of the group members combined with the great discussion and amazing guest speakers make this a one-of-a-kind experience. I make every effort to clear my calendar and attend these invaluable sessions. I learn something every time I attend.”


"Craig's Mastermind sessions are an invaluable opportunity to connect with other senior executives. They are the perfect antidote for the 'it's lonely at the top' feeling that many leaders endure. Each session is a breath of fresh air! In a safe and trusted environment, members share their own challenges, discuss current trends, and ask for advice - and with such a diverse set of leaders I always walk away energized and having learned something new."


"Craig Dowden's Mastermind Forums are a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders on current topics and challenges that face us all.  During the pandemic there was no playbook, and no past experience to draw on.  Connecting with fellow CEOs across the country in a wide variety of industries was instrumental in helping us navigate the uncertainties of that period.  As a perpetual student (actually he is THE expert) of positive leadership practices, Craig’s unique facilitation style helped us acknowledge the challenges, while thinking about what good may come of it and how to lead through it.  Craig keeps the topics fresh by inviting diverse, world-class speakers to share their insights and thinking…in an engaging and thought provoking discussion, always looking forward to what that next challenge may be and how to address it with positive leadership!"
CEO, Payments Canada


"I have had an opportunity to be involved with the CEO Mastermind Forum from its early beginnings at the start of the pandemic.  I remain grateful for the Forum, exceptionally moderated by Craig, where a group of CEOs from multiple industries is able to share and discuss opportunities and challenges.  Additionally, Craig has curated an exceptional slate of VIP speakers from around the globe, and the opportunity to interact with these exceptional leaders in a small group setting has been incredibly valuable."