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CEO, Seafair Capital + Member of the Board of Directors for the Bank of Canada


"Craig Dowden is a top-tier executive coach who truly understands what it takes to thrive as a CEO. What makes Craig stand out is his ability to get you to identify your goals and create a concrete path forward for achieving them. The world-class thought leaders and global experts who he regularly brings into his CEO Mastermind Forums provide even more insights and ideas to inspire your leadership journey. His coaching not only directly increased my individual effectiveness as a CEO, but that of my senior leadership team as well. If you’re looking for a trusted executive coach to scale your leadership effectiveness and impact, I highly recommend working with Craig.”
Founder and Executive Chair at LGM Financial Services


"In the 10+ years I have had the pleasure of knowing Craig I can say with certainty that he has made a tremendous difference to my business and myself personally.  His leadership development and coaching style brings an authenticity and genuine care that truly sets him apart.  My leadership team has benefited from his thoughtful and courageous feedback and our high-functioning culture has benefited from his timely support when things are in need of some fine tuning.  I’ve also been inspired by and learn from the globally recognized thought leaders that Craig routinely brings into his Mastermind Forums.  Craig is the quintessential positive leader and his coaching approach is right on point for the quick changing world we now live in.”
Chair of the Board, MindBridge AI


"I am a huge proponent of coaching. Having an insightful and trusted C-suite advisor to reflect on, and think through, the ongoing challenges and opportunities is essential to being successful in the tumultuous times we live in. I can say without reservation, Craig Dowden is a master of his craft. He strikes the perfect balance between asking supportive and challenging questions to quickly identify and clarify the issue at hand. Any senior leader will be very well served working with Craig.”
co-founder, Loopio


"Craig has been absolutely instrumental in my leadership development over the last year. Working closely with Craig, I was able to establish a new level of self-awareness of my leadership skill gaps and commit to closing those gaps with true intentionality. He took the time to understand my needs and we established a tailored process and developed an awesome rhythm throughout our relationship. I can confidently say that Craig has delivered a real impact on me as a co-founder and on the results of our company."
Chief Investment Officer, OPTrust


"Craig Dowden is an exceptional coach. His ability to intently listen and ask the most strategic questions is one of his greatest assets. He can quickly identify the heart of the matter and explore multiple ways to approach the issue. He effectively challenges you to rethink your assumptions and recognize your blind spots. Craig is an invaluable thought partner who has enhanced my effectiveness, both as an individual and as a leader. I highly recommend him to anyone who is truly looking to take their leadership to an elite level."
Chief Commercial Officer, Glen Dimplex Americas


“Choosing to work with Craig as my executive coach has been instrumental and elevating. His approach and methods have provided me tools to improve how I manage up as well as manage peer relationships. He is very effective on challenging the why in any situation while reminding me of the foundational goals that I set out for myself. Craig has given me the confidence to tackle difficult decisions and situations through effective communication methods. I have used my new tools in my personal and professional life. The investment to work with Craig continues to pay dividends for me and I highly recommend Craig to any executive looking for continuous improvement.”
CEO, Sprout Wellness Solutions, Inc.


"I have been fortunate to work with Craig and benefit immensely in my leadership development from his coaching. In addition to being a great listener, Craig asked insightful questions that served to guide my thinking and explore new possibilities in my leadership effectiveness. Craig leveraged his credentials and breadth of real-world experience, drawing on relevant examples and tools that were both meaningful and practical. The impact for me, both on a professional and personal level, has been both immediate and sustaining. I would highly recommend that senior executives looking to enhance their leadership effectiveness work with Craig!"
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Operations, Echelon Insurance


"Working with Craig as a coach has been transformational. He helped me to discover new perspectives on leadership through engaging and thoughtful discussions on what matters, and most importantly, why. Craig also has a respectful and constructive way of challenging perceptions which is one of his best qualities as a coach. It encourages a much deeper exploration of the topics we discuss. It’s obvious that Craig is passionate about his work and is constantly pointing me to the most current research that ties into our discussions. For me, the coaching experience has absolutely been worth the investment and has shaped who I want to be as a leader."
CEO, Bonfire Interactive


Working with Craig not only changed the way I lead, but also in how I see myself as a leader and as a person. Craig's passion about leadership and coaching came through in every meeting. He loves what he does, and his deep interest and curiosity consistently led to solving challenges by digging beneath the surface and revealing the not-so-obvious. His positivity is truly infectious! Working with Craig is guaranteed to level-up your leadership in all the right ways by focusing more on the human qualities we all cherish like empathy, humility, and gratitude, which in turn create energized, healthy, and cohesive teams. There's no better co-pilot to have on your leadership journey than Craig.
Head of Portfolio Construction, OPTrust


“Craig Dowden is the most effective executive coach I’ve ever worked with since I assumed senior leadership role. What makes Craig an outstanding coach is his ability to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals and work with you to develop a tailored action plan to execute on the changes. In less than 6 months, Craig has helped me make significant progress in terms of improving my perception and relationship with senior leadership in my organization. I highly recommend him if anybody is looking for a ground-breaking executive coaching!”
CEO, Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board


“Craig has delivered a variety of invaluable coaching and advisory services to our organization over the past ten years. He has guided us in a successful journey to positive leadership while providing important, practical tools to enhance resilience, embrace change, enable innovation and increase productivity. His books have also been tremendously appreciated, enjoyed and relied upon by our executives.”
Vice President of Human Resources, Brookfield Energy Marketing inc.


"Craig Dowden supported our management team in Coaching Circles after providing his expertise through 360 evaluations and psychometric assessments. His in-depth knowledge combined with his ability to demystify the factors that influence behaviors, provided insight, ideas and strategies to effectively make a difference."

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